MoRoTeCo Toolbox stands for Mobile Robot Team Control Toolbox. It is a suite of Matlab/simulink blocks. Most of them are written as a S-functions using simplified scheme in M-script. (hence, the long name Level 1 M-file S-functions). If you have even a moderate experience in writing m-files, you will have no problem in understanding code hidden behind block's mask.
You can download current version - 0.04 here.
Table of Contents
  1. Table of Contents
  2. Getting Started
    1. How Moroteco toolbox fits into Your task
    2. Installing toolbox
    3. Example: simulated robot
    4. Example: real robot control
    5. Robot program documentation
      1. Simplified version
      2. Rotary speed estimation within limited timeframe using low-resolution encoder
      3. Advanced robot program - with internal control loop
  3. User Guide
    1. Aim of this toolbox
    2. Intended audience
    3. Introduction into S-functions programming
      1. General s-function structure
      2. Initialization subfunction
      3. Simulation loop subfunciton
    4. Working environment and general assumptions
      1. Coordinate system used and angle calculation
      2. Simulation enviroment
      3. Global variables storage
  4. Functions and blocks list
    1. Decision Making
    2. Measurement Input
    3. Simulation
    4. Supervisory control
  5. Glossary
  6. Contact Author
    1. Jerzy Dziewierz
    2. George Cullen